We had two screenings of "City Island" last week--one in New York and one in LA--for prospective buyers of the film, as well as friends and recruited audience members. I was at the LA screening which--I'm unashamed to say--was a big fat hit. Lots of laughs and some genuine tears flowing toward the end. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing laughter at your work--providing of course that your intention was to make people laugh. By the way, we're premiering at a major film festival this coming spring--I'll name it when the appropriate time has come.

After the screening, Andy Garcia arrived in a marvelous looking blue pin-stripe suit. He greeted people outdoors and I complimented him on dressing so well for the occasion. He said that he'd come straight from a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote his new movie "Pink Panther 2" in which he stars with Steve Martin. Thus the real reason for the suit was revealed. Nonetheless, it was still a smashing suit. You can see the suit below as I've posted his interview with Kimmel. In it, he reveals that he and Martin worked together many years ago, when Andy was still an unknown, in a movie that Martin dislikes so much that he tells Andy not to mention its name ever, thus keeping it a secret. I hearby violate Steve Martin's wishes and name the movie--it's called "The Lonely Guy", written by Neil Simon and directed by Arthur Hiller. I seem to remember it being quite funny. I wonder what the hell's eating Steve Martin?

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  1. Beautiful interview,More actors should behave like Andy Garcia....

  2. Lucky prospective buyers, friends and recruited audience members...I wish all the best for the movie and for us to watch it as soon as possible!

    Nice clip. Andy Garcia is a wonderful actor...I am guessing he is a great person as well?!

    Take care now
    peace and love

  3. Yeah! Glad to hear more about City Island. And I'm extremely jealous of those lucky audience members. Glad to hear it went over so well.

  4. It must be great to be in an audience and get such a good response. Was there any particularly satisfying reaction (laughter or tears) to a scene?

  5. Ahh, lucky people getting to watch them first! Happy for you for all the great reactions you've gotten. Can't wait to see it for myself. :)

  6. Just love the interview of Andy in Jimmy Kimmel. For those people who want to see more interviews with Andy check out the Today show and the Morning show with Mike and Juliet on 4th February. Both videos can be seen in the internet. Now, back to City Island, congratulations to you Raymond for the success in the screening. How did you recruit the audience? I wished I was one of them.

  7. Congratulations Mr Felittá.
    I Think it´s a good idea upload this video! it´s great!
    I stand here in São paulo, wondering when I coul watch City Island Movie, did you know when it cames to brazil?
    Have a good day.

  8. Thanks for the comments. Yes, Andy is as nice a guy as you might think--one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. You might call him the "anti-Christ(ian Bale)." :-)

    When I say "recruited audience" I'm making something sound more elaborate than it really is--basically we called our friends and asked them to call their friends, thereby filling up the seats.

    RE: the particular scene that plays best...is a scene where Andy's character goes on an acting audition. I can't really explain why--perhaps its the characters complete unsuitability as a professional actor and the fact that he suddenly transforms himself into one, that makes the scene so funny and moving for people. The scene is really a tour de force for Andy--he pulls it off brilliantly.

    And I don't yet know when the overseas and south american releases will be--soon I hope...

  9. Felicitations, Raymond, on this next step in the process. We're rooting for you and for the film.

    In the interview: Andy, as always, seeing everything and everyone around him. A truly generous and conscious man.