Herewith, the first of the stills from "City Island". And click here to read the allaboutjazz.com review of "Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris". The "Tis Autumn" DVD can now be ordered on Amazon, though technically it's a pre-order as the street date is 3/31. But why let that stop you?

I'll publish more stills from "City Island"...albeit erractically, so as to force you to keep coming back to check the site. Meanwhile, enjoy this portrait of an all-Amercian dysfunctional family...and don't forget to click to enlarge!

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  1. Yeah! City Island still! I'm so pleased to meet the Rizzo's :) They are quite the attractive bunch.

    And I'll have to meander over to Amazon and check out your other movie there. So exciting!

  2. we want more...we want more (stills I mean :-)!

    take care

  3. Hi Raymond,
    Thank you for answering my questions. Yes, we have an international film festial here in Hong Kong 22 March - 13 April this year. Unfortunately, City Island is not in the programme. According to Westend film, City Island will be screened in the Filmart (an exhibition for trade only) which will be held on 23 -26 March. I am trying to register as a visitor and if I am not able to, I may need your help. I really hope to see this movie sooooo much. Thanks!

    The photo you uploaded is wonderful. More photos please!

  4. I really like this new City Island still. Please continue to post more. It just whets my appetite for the movie!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh Bello. now were cooking
    I love this photo.
    (Now thats a Macaroni) ciao

  6. The saying use to be .
    (Now Thats A Meat A Balls)
    I made a mistake before thought that
    it did not sound correct.

  7. The more I look at this work.It seems
    the casting looks perfect.Look very
    much forward to the performance.

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