A few mementos, courtesy of my I-Phone, of our stay at Warner Brothers. Below is the plaque on the wall of the sound building, listing titles of Warner Brothers movies that were mixed in this building. All of the soundstages have similar plaques, memorializing the films shot on the given stage.

Steven Strait's image on the screen, David Leonard (the editors) back to camera...

Juliana Marguiles...

And a view of the line that Vince (Andy Garcia) has to stand on in order to achieve his dream of...(no spoilers)...

Outtakes are as old as the movies. Below is a reel of outtakes from old Warner Brothers movies. Among the screw ups you'll see Bogie, Bette Davis, Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Edward G. Robinson, and a quite funny John Garfield.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I enjoyed even this glimpse at the movie!

  2. Ang I was wondering if there were any bloppers kept from movies of the past!! Thank you...you have made my day!

    The pictures are great! Can not wait to watch the movie (will it be long for me here in the far...Greece?:-)

    Take care and greetings

  3. Big difference from editing on a

  4. Oh-my-goodness-gracious-me!

    Took my breath away.

    It DID.


    You're DOING it.

    Please tell Mr. Leonard I sent my fond regards.

    So excited for you and for all of us.

    Make us proud, yo.

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    fellows standing in that line ciao

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