Monday, September 8, 2008



The above machine is a movieola, the ancient industry standard editing machine. I'm old enough to have actually learned to work one--it was on its last legs and flatbeds (remember them?) were already in use. Currently we're editing on Final Cut Pro. I'm also old enough to remember when convincing the producers on my first feature to spring for an Avid instead of forcing us to cut on film seemed like a very progressive thing to do. (To their credit, they did even though they thought it a lavish request).

Below are three snippets of film from the Empire Diner night. In one you'll see Rocco, Andy Garcia's stand in, seated in Andy's place for lighting. The second is of Andy in the same position and features a bizarre camera malfunction--I believe the film jammed which creates the rather pretty,yellowing effect at the end. Last is a piece of Emily laughing at something--for the life of me I can't remember what (it was by then about four AM and at that hour everything's either awful or funny.

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Anonymous said...

Three little snippets, and still a delight :) And her shirt is so cute..I want one like it.

Missing Julianna and Steven. Anything with them?

Anonymous said...

Right this minute I am sitting
eight feet from the same kind of
upright Moviola but in 16mm with a
35mm sound head. It is in my kitchen.
You could only be single to get
away with that.Ill sell it real cheap
to sure is pretty though. Video is nice but the film
frames are beautiful to see all lined

thisispinkharma said...

wee, enjoyed the snippets!
i loved the laughing bit at the end. more more more! can't wait to watch this in full. :)

Anonymous said...

The video clips are really nice. I enjoy watching them over and over again. Thanks! More please! Who will have more screen time - Julianna or Emily?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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