Two clips below, featuring Steven Strait and Dominik Garcia: they're driving in a car. Sounds simple, right? NOTHING IN MOVIES IS SIMPLE. This mini-moment involved mounting the Honda Element onto a contraption called a "process trailer"--an insane device that is, essentially, a trailer on which you mount the car you're shooting, several cameras, all kinds of lighting equipment...etc. etc. Then a few of us--the director, the DP and the script supervisor at a minimum--ride in the car that's towing, buried in video monitors, headphones etc. Often the sound crew rides in the cab of the towing car, trying to dial in the actors voices...all I can say is Oy Vey.

Steven is one remarkable young man--I hate referencing him by age because he's truly ageless. Still, it was often strange for me to realize, while working with him, that when I was his age (early twenties) he was barely born. So asssured and serene is he in his dealings with work, the world and people that I felt he was beyond being a contemporary; like Alan Arkin he was somebody whose very presence made me feel better about my own work, place in the world and station in life. Jesus, has this blog become nothing but gush? The truth is, I've actually made films which were not pleasant experiences. This one's different and thus my enthusiasm continues, unabated. By the way, Steven's married to a terrific actress and lovely woman, Lynn Collins. Check her out in the Pacino "Merchant Of Venice" (she's Portia, of course).

In one of the below clips, Steven slates himself for two cameras. In the other the scene is over and the actors, stranded in the above described contraption, wait helplessly for me to say cut. Eventually I do...

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  1. Thanks for the info on Steven. I really look forward to seeing him in this movie. He's someone who catches my eye in movies. He just seems to have "it", whatever that is :) I hope you can give us a little insight on his character in the future (without giving too much away of course). We don't know much about Tony yet!

  2. Nice way to end out a Friday! I'm glad you are giving us a little Steven teaser. Please continue to do so. He's quickly become one of my favorites and I'm not one of those "teen" fans so it's nice to hear gushing but of the more mature kind!

  3. I'm glad to hear that this filming has gone more smoothly for you than some of the other movies you've done. How much chemistry would you say these actors had with each other?

    Please continue feeding us clips of Steven. I always enjoy them. I liked your write-up. It makes everyone seems so much accessible.

  4. you know, i have to say that it would be hard not to think of his age. cos he looks and acts (from your accounts) mature of his age of 22. the facial hair and all too. thanks Raymond for all the clips! enjoying all your posts so far. i am like vicariously living through your blog. hahhaa. :)