Movies Til Dawn happily announces the beginning of production of its host's Raymond De Felitta's new film, "City Island". Which explains, partially, the paucity of posts which, in the post-happy blog world, (did I mean "post-happy" or post happy?) is easily misconstrued as disinterest, dis-engagement and--worst of all--pre-blog-abandonment laziness. (As if keeping these frigging blogs to begin with isn't its own sign of displaced laziness. I began this whole experiment as a way to justify the hours a day I lose on youtube watching cool old clips of stuff). Most importantly, when production of "City Island" begins this blog will transform itself into a daily diary of the shooting of said film. There will be commentary, clips of dailies and other ephermera. You will be able to follow the daily production of what is now laughingly referred to as an "independent film" (though we are, in fact, truly minus any studio and only up and going thanks to truly visionary private investors). Question: Is anyone else doing this? Yes? You're kidding! Who? Why? Will they give us more money?

Which is a preamble to the following: I don't have the time to write at the length I normally do, but I do wish to continue the very important (to me) relationship I've established with the readers of the site. So the answer is, I think, shorter posts with a more common theme. And what more common (and common couldn't be a more weighty and appropriate word) theme might we have then where DANCERS AND COMEDIANS INTERSECT? There are so many to choose from and the results are often horrifying, usually scary and always a delight. And the YTB is filled with them. Here, to kick off this new cycle then, is a marvelous clip of Curly Howard going to town in the early forties (he's doing the one-to-three-kick which I believe is the Conga). This is, I think, from a short, but which? This is clearly the pre-sick Curly--his timing is still sharp as you'll see. More to follow--and a further discussion of Curly's sickness and its all too apparent effect on his performances to follow.

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