Above is the new poster art for my film, "Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris". The film will open in New York at the Cinema Village on December 7th of this year. After that, who knows? Hopefully runs in other major cities--keep checking the Myspace page or the Hangover Lounge website for information. (Both are accessible via this blog--just go directly to the right of these words and click.)

The concept for this artwork was to emulate the old Blue Note record label covers--very good job, I think. Unfortunately the first copy of this sent to me via the internet was too massive to fit on this blog (and I'm too lame to know how to resize it.) That led to this version, which is to small to properly read the credits. For this, I fault my producer for not trying harder, for being sloppy with the details and overall for allowing this project to go on when it long should have been aborted.

More pussycats on their way...