May 29 through September 17. A more than generous summer vacation for this old, increasingly creaky blog. If indeed there are any readers left (aside from you of course) they must have come to the conclusion that all motivation to continue posting was drained from me over time, that the lack of any income resulting from this long-running hobby-project became too dispiriting, or that I simply ran out of things to say or write about. All are true. Though none of them are the real reason I haven't been posting.

The real reason is Twitter. It is infinitely easier to find a video of interest on Youtube and simply share it with my meager but friendly bunch of followers than it is to write an entire paragraph on the same video and receive not a whit of satisfaction that anyone has watched it or even noticed its presence. The 'blog' (always hated that word--'weblog' is better but only just) has probably run its course in a general sense, belonging to an earlier on-line world where people's attention spans were less cluttered. Hard to believe that I began writing this blog a full year before the appearance of the I-Phone. I'm not sure what I expected out of it except to share the joy and admiration I feel for so much of the cultural ash heap of the past that can be culled and enjoyed on Youtube.

The Weblog has been more or less replaced over the past few years by Twitter and, yes, Podcasts. Twitter fits the international attention span much better. And podcasts can be listened to while doing other crap, like driving dangerously or working out on one of those awful machines. And so I'm moving with the times (sort of, not really, more than usual though) and launching the MOVIES 'TIL DAWN PODCAST'. It will turn up in a couple of weeks. More soon.

The podcast will feature lengthy, in-depth conversations with filmmakers, actors, producers etc., all of whom I know (at least a little) and enjoy talking with about the work we do. Featured among them will be Andy Garcia, Peter Bogdanovich, John Sayles, Jerry Schatzberg, Mary Harron, Griffin Dunne and more. The podcast will officially launch in one week--September 23.

But this won't actually spell the end of this blog. For with each monthly interview I post I'll be adding supporting videos about the artist being interviewed to this site. Over the years, this blog has morphed from time to time, changing its format and/or purpose to suit my own changing needs. So this isn't goodbye to my old on-line journal, my bid for Hellinger/Winchell/Sullivan/Wilson column greatness. It's merely time for it to serve the next phase of my online life--or, to put it bluntly, to help me make even less money doing something cool than this blog brought me. Stay tuned...

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