Here's a nice little (seven minutes and change) reel of 1974 national commercials. A big part of the pleasure of watching this compendium (at least for me) is observing the gentle yet omnipresent video roll--apparently this was transferred from somebody's VHS (or Beta?) tape. We see Steve Allen shilling for some send-a-needy-kid-to-camp charity, various pathetic early 70s car commercials (featuring various pathetic early 70s cars), a Hawaiian Punch commercial (now whatever happened to that sugar-bomb of a drink...and did anyone ever really drink one without adding a generous splash of Vodka?). But the most important reason to delve into this time capsule of ads for mostly forgotten products is to witness a commercial in which Salvador Dali demonstrates how Alka-Seltzer works. It's at...no, I'm not going to say where it is in the line-up. Suffer through the rest of the ads in order to get there, just like I did.

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