What on earth possessed warm and fuzzy comedian Danny Thomas to build the monstrously large Trousdale Mega-Moorish-Monstrosity in which he and wifey RoseMarie spent their declining years? Usually when the kids move out, a couple downsizes. But not the Thomas's. Above is a tour of their steroidal manse as pictured last year when it was on the market for a ludicrous 135 million dollars. (It wound up selling for a mere 60 million). The sellers were not the Thomas family, who unloaded it in 2000 for a fast 15 million.

There's a lot of hating for this place in the Youtube comments section but I have to say that its wildly over-the-topness is somehow refreshing, given that it was built by a warm-hearted (at least his persona was) TV family comedian and not some oil-pushing, arms-dealing, money-laundering scumbag. As retirement villas go, it's wonderfully silly. Groucho Marx, who lived further below in Trousdale (same street though--Hillcrest Rd.) used to complain that Thomas was spying on him and trying to get a look at his girlfriend Erin Fleming. He was probably right.

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