Having just directed a baseball movie (okay, it was a year ago but in a director's life a year is just moments ago) I've had my fill of the religiosity that adherents of the game carry around when discussing the sport. The 'poetry' of it all, the history of it, the integrity of it etc. The truth--as you probably don't need me to tell you--is that baseball is played by athletes and athletes, by the very definition of their skills, tend to be mildly demented, overly competitive, under-eduacted and stunted-at-youth-when-daddy-forced-them-to-play-competitively-or-else-pusnishment-would-ensue, assholes.
(Major exception: the very cool pro and semi-pro minor league players who acted in my film...most of them anyway).

Watch the above video for some of the most delightful examples of lousy sportsmanship in the major leagues. Whether it's a pitcher throwing a broken bat at Mike Piazza or a guy literally stealing candy from a kid (it's at 2:23) you'll see baseball's true colors and, in the bargain, watch something far more entertaining (and a lot shorter) than a four hour stand-off between a guy who holds a ball and a guy who holds a bat.

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