Before you read any further (assuming you've read this far) let me quickly give you fair warning that the above posted videos are a complete and total waste of time, lacking in anything remotely akin to cultural interest, intellectual rigor or even pop-culture delight. Still, I find the mid-show plugs that aired in the middle of 'Tattletales', a 1970s afternoon game show hosted by Burt Convy, so relentlessly worthless that I've been enjoying watching them for the past half hour or so. The products (forgotten alarm clocks, astro turf welcome mats, 'Stay Puf' fabric softener, cheap chocolate and Franco American sauce) are as defunct as the show. The announcers name, for the record is Jack Clark (nee Yakov Klarkinsky, if I know anything) and the whole ball of cheese is so deeply representative for me of getting home from 6th grade at 3PM and beginning my long slog of afternoon TV that I find it wonderfully charming, while offensively dopey. Apologies extended...

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