Last night over dinner, my good friend Marc Myers, an outstanding music and cultural journalist, took mild exception to my complete denigration of all things K-Tel. He pointed out the fact that the big LP 'greatest hits' collections did indeed have value in that they were possibly the only way some listeners would ever be familiar with certain songs, artists etc. I think he's right. So, if not a full-throated apology, let me offer the K-Tel brand at least a nod of thanks for hipping people to so many different artists and genres. I'll throw down a handful of K-Tel record commercials for your weekend viewing pleasure. But I still stand by my assessment of their other products; they sucked.

Opera anyone?

How about 'Hooked On Classics'? (Not sure if the disco beat under the music was the way the whole album sounded or was used in the commercial as a lure to get Disco freaks to buy it).

A collection of 'Greatest Tearjerkers'?

On the other hand, the antidote to the above is the 'Bright Side Of Music' (which you might enjoy assuming you didn't commit suicide after wallowing in the Tearjerkers).

And finally 'Souled Out', a double record set that I remember ordering after my childhood infatuation with 'Soul Train' kicked in.

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