Having hit a wall in my pursuit of information on the mysterious 1929 Parisian nightclub footage posted over the past two days (scroll down to see, Jean-Luc), I've turned to--who else?--Louise Brooks to pick up the slack where others have...er, slacked off. Brooks apparently was a frequenter of Gilley's Royal Box Nightclub in her Europa Pabstian phase, which led me to the above clip of Brooks dancing the tango in 1930 in another Parisian nightclub. This one isn't real, though. It's a scene from her first talkie, 'Prix De Beaute' (aka 'Beauty Prize' in America, aka 'Miss Europe' in the UK). There's not quite enough of Brooks in the clip but the general Parisian-Tango-Early Talkie of it all is more than enough to satisfy my sudden thirst for the era, the location, the lostness of it all...

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