To honor the memory of the late Greta Thyssen, I've posted above one of the Three Stooges shorts that she appeared in, 'Quiz Whizz'. (Click here for Greta's Hollywood Reporter obit). Unfortunately for Greta (and for us) it's one of the Joe Besser shorts, the last gasp of the Columbia short-subject Stooges and certainly the worst. Still, I prefer Besser--who comes across like Moe and Larry's gay cousin that they're sheltering--to Curly Joe De Rita and even these flimsy, low-quality late Stooges have interestingly strange things to offer: Moe's slicked-back hair, the singing 'Hello, Hello, Hello' opening, the presence of Greta Thyssen...and Moe's slicked back hair I guess. 'Quiz Whizz' is a loose remake of a far superior Curly short, 'Healthy Wealthy and Dumb'. I won't post that since it would demean the presence of the very beautiful Greta Thyssen, who apparently didn't really have much of an ambition to be an actress/model type but somehow got talked into it (thanks to her natural attributes one supposes) and which in turn allowed her to take a cream pie in the face at the end of a Three Stooges movie, thus insuring her show-biz immortality.

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