My previous two posts (scroll down, toots) have reawakened my childhood obsession with 'I Love Lucy', without however managing to focus on that legendary show. This all began with my musings on 'The Lucy Show' and has now moved backward a few years to yet another Lucy-centric television hit. The hell with it. Enough's been written about 'I Love Lucy'.

In between 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Lucy Show' came 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour', an expansion of 'I Love Lucy' featuring big-name guests--Red Skelton, Ernie Kovacs, Talullah Bankhead, Danny Thomas etc. The specials were infrequently aired--thirteen were made and shown over the 1957-1960 television seasons and the last one aired the year the Arnaz's divorced. As a kid I recall KTTV (Metromedia Channel 11 of blessed memory) occasionally airing them on Sunday evenings. I especially recall the credit sequence featuring an animated Lucy and Ricky standing on Conga drums--why the hell did I find that so peculiar and interesting? As with 'The Lucy Show' there seemed to be several different credit sequences but above I've posted the one that I fondly remember. It's the second of the specials and the guest star is Tallulah Bankhead who, predictably, didn't get along with Desi or Lucy who, predictably, hated her in return.

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