Above I've posted part one of a terrific American Masters documentary on Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan called "None Without Sin". The relationship between the playwright and director, who collaborated on "Death Of A Salesman", "All My Sons" and "After The Fall" was symbiotic, close and ultimately deeply strained by Kazan's HUAC testimony. They shared theatrical ambition, working class backgrounds, highly charged political activity and Marilyn Monroe. Yes, MM was actually sleeping with Kazan while she and Miller were still courting. I have to assume that Miller didn't know about this perfidy, but Kazan was such an erotomaniac that Miller would have to have been frigging blind not to sense what was going on. Miller finally made the break from his family and married Marilyn, who figures quite importantly in this doc--she helped defend Miller at the time of his own HUAC testimony (unlike Kazan, he refused to cooperate) before ultimately betraying him by sleeping with, among others, Yves Montand. Miller never equaled his pre-Marilyn success in the theater though he seemed to remain randy enough to begin a relationship with a thirty-five year old painter when he was eighty-nine years old. Kazan, for his part, cheated lavishly on both of his wives, finally winding up marrying a seriously younger woman when in his eighties. So I guess both men remained symbiotic after all...

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