Welcome to 2017, a year that appears headed for certain global catastrophe. Accordingly, I have placed myself on a news blackout and will unashamedly devote myself to Youtube for at least two to three hours a day. The rest of the time will be devoted to writing my memoir, tentatively titled: 'Staying Home; The Life of Raymond De Felitta'.

Above I've posted a nice little mini-doc which takes us on a tour down Broadway in the early 1930s. (The youtuber who posted it has labeled the footage as being from 1930, but although some of it may indeed be from that now-prehistoric sounding year, the shot of Times Square featuring the movie 'Grand Hotel' at the Astor Theater actually dates this as 1932). We begin somewhere near where Broadway actually begins, up in the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown/Irvington area and proceed south. After two minutes of travels through the Bronx and below, we find ourselves at the gates of Columbia University and then travel through what appears to be an exclusively Yiddish/Jewish neighborhood.  We pass through an unrecognizable Columbus Circle, eventually wending our way to the 'money' shots--the Times Square of the early 1930s. Look at all the hats on everyone! Wearing a hat wasn't a choice back then. Leaving the house without a hat on would be akin to leaving your house today without any pants on. The journey continues, eventually dumping us out on Bowling Green--who knew there was an El down there?

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