Above is a trailer for a movie that will absolutely never be remade. It's so very 1986 that I had to include in my increasingly grating 'tribute' the decade that time (and sensible people) forgot. The movie, 'Soul Man', starred C. Thomas Howell as a white kid who gets into Harvard Law School but is denied financial support by his parents. In order to obtain maximum financial assistance, he masquerades as an African-American, a term that I hasten to add didn't exist at the time and would probably have sounded oddly racist to 1980s ears (just as 'black' is beginning to sound to our 21st century ears). I actually recall finding the movie rather funny and even having a little bit of social commentary threaded through it. As C. Thomas suggests, everyone will love him since 'it's the Cosby decade'. (If only he'd known what was going on in the Cosby dressing room.) At the conclusion of the trailer, the narrator intones: "He didn't give up. He got down!" Yes, it was a simpler time, the 80s. I find myself worried about even blogging about this politically incendiary, two-bit period comedy. The 80s were, I suspect, the last decade that we were free of political correctness. For that reason alone lets give the 80s a break and rehabilitate their dreadful reputation. The 80s are dead. Long live the 80s.

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