Above is a very nice little portrait of the rise and rise of the President Elect, who I recall as a seminal 1980s figure representing everything hated about New York City--glitz, arrogance, boastfulness, disdain for outsiders. Apparently the 'Trump Brand' was on course from the very beginning of the Reagan years as witness the 1980 interview with...I forget who with, but you'll see what I mean. The comments section below the video are typically disgusting with one very funny exception:  'Jesus Christ, the dude had the same hairdo since 1985!' The 80s are dead...somebody bury them.

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  1. I have been saying it for the past year. Being that I know how to cut mens hair I would like to give him one haircut my way not his. It would be tons shorter than he has it. but it would look fine. He might not like it. But it would look very nice. Who ever is cutting his hair now has to be afraid to almost touch his head. Believe me I would not be and if he did not like it no big deal it grows back he would understand that. I wouldn't want to be his barber just one haircut. Way to much hair on his head he would not need hair spray maybe a touch. He was in Oliver Stone's last movie in a barber haircut scene the scene was cut I was there that day. The scene is still in the film but just with Michael Douglas.