On the cold morning of December 8, 1989, you might have turned on WXRK (K-ROCK) in New York or WYSP in Philly or some station in Washington DC and heard the above Howard Stern show. The Washington station had recently been added and Stern is already furious with the DC press and his own station for ineptitude, negativity and failure to recognize his genius. Gary Dell'Abate's theme song is still the Italian Tarentella--'Baba Booey' had yet to have come into being. Orders for  'US OPEN SORES'--Stern's then-current tape (available from 1-800-52 Stern)--have been placed but the tape is slow to arrive and listeners are complaining. George H.W. Bush was president, Bill Clinton was a complete unknown, Barack Obama was in college and Donald Trump was already a huge pain in the ass. The 80s had twenty-three days left in their existence. I was twenty-five and a half years old. Jesus.

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