It's been a delightfully irresponsible ten days since I last posted, most of which was spent adding up the years receipts, shopping for gifts nobody needs and feeling guilty about not writing posts or, for that matter, the script that I'm supposed to deliver yesterday. But now that another Xmas is behind us, I've come back to torture my readers (both of you) with a few more days of 1980s memories. Actually, all I'll be doing is posting a series of late 80s Howard Stern shows, which manage to evoke the era quite nicely given the ads, the subject matters in the news and the occasional bits of dead lingo that are heard (lots of things are 'bogus'. Remember 'bogus'?)

Some enterprising Youtuber has begun to post a series of old shows from the late 80s which appear to have been in his cassette collection (remember cassettes?). They've so far attracted minimal hits but I'm grateful for his contribution as the current staff rarely seems to play the stuff from this era when compiling their 'Best Of Stern' shows. Leaving the ads in (which they never do on B.O.S.) helps retain the flavor of the original shows--this is the era when Stern did live ads for 1-800-Mattress ('leave the last s off for savings!'), Car Cash, Modells ('Got to go to Mos!') and plugs for someplace in Long Island called Club Benet (Benay?) where various members of the show made personal appearances almost every weekend. This is Stern as a local New York morning host (on a couple of these old shows he's expanded to WYSP in Philly) and I recall thinking back then that, much as I loved him, I doubted the humor would travel outside of the Tri-State area. A few years later I was living in LA and, missing the show, asked a friend of mine in New York to send me tapes. I don't have them anymore and if I did, I wouldn't have a device on which to play them. But by 1992 he'd expanded to LA and I, of course, was incredibly incorrect in my prediction. I recall the billboard on Sunset Blvd. that introduced him to local LA listeners.  It read: "FOUR HOURS OF SIXTH GRADE EVERY MORNING ON K-ROCK".

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