Here we have yet another hallucinatory, no doubt Gin inspired musical number from the 20s, this one from 1930's "Paramount On Parade". Just as "King Of Jazz" featured the largest piano ever made--large enough to fit Paul Whitman and his orchestra inside of the shell--the creators of the above musical number have created the largest pair of high-heeled shoes and jewelry box to house Abe Lyman and his orchestra. The song, 'Dancing To Save Your Soul', is performed by Nancy Carroll and Al Norman, the latter one of the great 'eccentric dancers' of the vaudeville era. But it's Nancy who steals the show from both Norman and the Gigantosauras set. What a hotsy-totsty of the bootleg era she was! She was a wildly popular Paramount star of the early sound era and was even nominated for an Oscar for a movie that I can't remember the name of and don't have time to go and research. Apparently she was something of a bitch as well and, at the first sign of a decline in her box office, Paramount cut the diva loose. She disappeared from acting for many years, resurfacing in plays in the late 50s. In fact she was performing in one called 'Never Too Late' (about a fifty-year old woman who finds out she's pregnant) when she unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 61.

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