Meet the hoodlums and sluts of 1950s America in the above 'educational' film concerning the proper dress code of the Hicksville High School student body. (Ha. 'Body'. Ha.) For what purpose was this film made? Who was the intended audience? Who was the biddy who's doing the lecturing? Most importantly, who were the students who submitted to the humiliating task of being the models of inappropriate youth? (Though it must be said that they appear to relish their roles). This appears to be shot in the mid 1950s, so those kids would now be just over seventy years of age--assuming they didn't wind up becoming junkies, whores or gangsters. Or perhaps they were teen actors who were hired to portray the 'bad kids' and were grateful for the gig. Personally I think they're all dressed quite upscale for a town called 'Hicksville'. Research shows that there are Hicksville's in both New York (in Long Island) and Ohio (in Defiance County). The population of Hicksville, Long Island was 41,547 as of the 2010 census, whereas the population of Hicksville, Ohio was a measly 3,581. What do you mean you don't care? From the look of the kids I'd place them as Long Islanders (or 'Guylanders' as the self-loathing Long Islander's call themselves). Then again, the schoolmarm who's insistent on taking the fun out of High School seems straight outta Toledo. And perhaps their defiance of proper dress code is where 'Defiance County' took its name from. So there!

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