Here's a couple of minutes of film shot by somebody who was fixated on the then-prevalent neon signs in Times Square one night in 1961. My first inclination while watching this was to be impatient with the lack of street life on view but gradually I got sucked into the neon-ness of the whole thing. There are signs advertising the movies of the day ('Spartacus' and--more importantly--'Pepe' starring Cantinflas), ads for Johnnie Walker Scotch, a view of the soon-to-be-extinct Hotel Astor and a mesmerizing neon 'live-action' sketch from an airline called BOAC, which stood for 'British Overseas Airway Corporation' and which, by an act of parliament, was merged with another airline in 1971 to become the current day British Airways. Aren't you glad you asked?

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