Above is a typically smooth and interesting Charlie Rose interview with Robert Altman. This was broadcast in conjunction with the release of 'The Player' and displays Altman's dry wit and occasionally discursive method of discussion and analysis--he was one of the those guys who insists that nothing in film is worth analyzing and then proceeds to talk a blue streak analyzing everything. I met him at the Deauville Film Festival in 2000 and was delighted to spend a couple of evenings in his and his charming wife Kathryn's presence. Dino De Laurentis was being honored at the festival and Altman--who was famously fired by De Laurentis at some point in the past--was asked over dinner if he was going to attend the De Laurentis party that evening. "No thanks," he replied with a thin smile. "I've already been to the De Laurentis party."

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