Yesterday I posted a delightfully impassive look at the corner of Broadway and 88th street in 1971 as filmed by one Nicholas West. Today comes part two in Mr. West's all too small ouvre. This is an experimental stop-motion film (shot on Super 8mm) he made of a walk around Central Park in the winter of 1977. In just over three minutes, "walking" at a pace of 68 MPH, Mr. West takes us from the Upper West Side beginning on 86th and Broadway, heads east toward Central Park, then south on Central Park West, making the U-shaped loop that takes us east on Central Park South and north on Fifth Avenue (crossing the street so as to have the park across from us). The journey ends on Fifth and 86th. Enjoy this brisk winters walk and join me in saluting this most underrated (if rated at all?) New York filmmaker who, apparently, is out there somewhere posting these fine nuggets of New York City history on the tube that's made for me and you.

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