Stereos were once an incredibly important bookshelf-filling music-delivery system. Much time was lavished on discussions of which were the best components, whether it was better to have an all-in-one receiver or a power amp, pre-amp and tuner, which massive speakers to buy (and how many). A true stereo-head preferred to listen through headphones in any case so why bother with those massive JBL's? Above is a 1978 commercial for a Sansui stereo that stars, I believe, my Junior High School 'Health' teacher. As I recall, the textbook for that now long-defunct class was from 1960 and featured, among other anachronisms, grooming tips that included the proper way to grease your hair. The caption underneath the dorky kid from a 'Leave It To Beaver' episode is burned forever in my memory: "Oil on the hairshaft provides attractive sheen and luster!"

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