The above makes no sense. Yesterday I posted a 1927 instructional film on how to use a rotary phone.  (Moron that I am, I just mistakenly deleted yesterdays post whilst attempting to re-link it. The 1927 film is now posted below. 'Whilst'?) From the above instructional film (on how to dial a phone) it would appear that Bell Telephone somehow didn't convert from the operator saying "numbah-pleeze" to the rotary phone for another twenty-six years. Is this possible? Was the 1927 attempt somehow foiled and people had to wait another twenty-six years for this fabulous moment of progress to happen? ('Foiled'?) Or were people in 1954 as puzzled--or perhaps retarded is the better word--as to how to use a phone as people in 1927 were? What the hell is going on here???

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