Welcome to Edwardian England and the congested streets of London in 1903. The above posted footage is mesmerizing, in part because it is silent--the Youtube poster didn't bother with an 'appropriate' piece of music and this gives the images an even more ghostly, more otherworldly feeling. One can imagine, however, the clamor and noise that was going on in those heavily populated streets. Horse and Carriages are everywhere. Nestle's milk and Lipton Tea, both still going strong, take up the bulk of the advertising on the buggies. So does Kodak (which, alas, has recently stopped going strong). Better to imagine the sounds than the smells which, to our modern nostrils, would probably prove to be impossible to bear, making time-travel a complete non-starter. The horseshit, the clothes worn over and over, the dirt, the smoke--oh, who knows? It must have smelled okay to them so maybe we'd deal. Most of the angles are high-ish wide-ish shots which enhances the general feeling of controlled disorder. And at one point, Sherlock Holmes walks by. See if you can spot him...

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