Above is another Laurel and Hardy silent, "Wrong Again". It features a quite literally back-breaking comedy sequence involving a horse that stands on a billiards table that's supported only by Ollie's back (you'll have to watch the film to figure out how they get there). There really isn't any explanation that I can come up with of how this stunt was achieved except to say that Ollie's back
may have actually been supporting that weight--there's no visual effect possible and in the long and medium shots the rear of the table is visible so there aren't any grips or wires involved. Even if there were, how the hell would that help? Oliver Hardy had been a football player when young and I suppose he could take it. But Jesus! The comics of the silent era were, I think, involved in a macho contest involving dangerous stunts--Keaton's house collapsing on him but missing him as he stands in the perfectly placed open doorway area, any of Lloyds hanging off buildings gags and many of the car chases that were filmed without the aid of process. This one has to join the ranks of the most extreme "anything for comedy" oeuvre.

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