Above is a very nice reel of 1960s commercials for the typical products of the time--shaving lotion, cigarettes, booze, cereal, space-related stuff. It runs ten minutes which is a relief--oftentimes the diligent Youtubers who lovingly assemble these retro reels go overboard--hour-plus reels, no matter how promising, simply seem like a burden and they tend to go on my to-watch-one-day list, usually never to be visited again.

Some highlights here are a 007 mens luxury cosmetics kit--shaving lotion, cologne etc. that are all somehow Bond inspired (starts at 2:20). (What must this item be worth on E-bay?) This is followed by what is certainly the funniest and most tasteless commercial in the bunch, an Alka-Seltzer ad (of course) that features fat guys who shovel pies in their mouths as some sort of Olympic event. Of further note are a brief glimpse of the tragic Inger Stevens plugging her ABC show 'The Farmers Daughter' (8:50) which is followed by a ludicrous Lucky Strike ad that features a trumpet player (!) plugging his favorite smoke. But best of all is the quite amazing piece of filmmaking that can be found at 6:50. It's for Colt 45 Malt Liquor of all things and that's all I'm saying...
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