Staying in the 1960s pre-hippie, post-hipster window (see two previous posts) I've chosen to take on an iconic song of the era that has had absolutely no life whatsoever since. It was composed by Sid Ramin at the behest of Pepsi-Cola for a new ad campaign apparently aimed at super-horny young men and exhibitionistic young women and was informally known as the 'Girl Watchers' song. The above is a black and white Pepsi commercial from 1965 featuring the song as an instrumental background track. Below is a color commercial--quite a bit more elaborate than the above b&w ad--from a couple of years later. It exemplifies all things groovy in the era--the zoom shots of women's asses, the frank ogling of the admiring males etc. Dig:

Now. The jingle was so popular that lyrics were added in 1967 and the song became a top charter for Andy Williams. By then it had become 'Music To Watch Girls By' with ultra-hip lyrics written by an old friend of my families named Tony Velona. (His biggest tune was 'Lollipops and Roses' for which he wrote both music and lyrics and which charted heavy-duty for Jack Jones). M2WGB was also an instrumental hit for the inexplicably popular Al Hirt but it's the Williams version that remains the one to beat. Below is a beautifully produced direct-to-Youtube mash-up of sixties movie clips accompanied by the Andy Williams record.

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