Here's one of those weirdly mesmerizing 'history of a logo' videos that are a staple of a complete Youtube diet. This is the history of the 20th Century Fox logo over a 100 year period.  I knew that William Fox, an independent film distributor/producer, was the originator of things somehow but I failed to even consider that there was once a 20th Century Pictures with which he merged. You'll see precisely one logo of each before the now famous fully named company appears. The only other thing of any real interest is the fact that over the course of eight decades the theme has never been played in any key other than the original B flat.

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  1. You new you were at the movies Great stuff. Now commercials and things telling me don't do this don't do that Twenty minutes of misery.
    I have know answers and the hand held camera gets me dizzy use it yes but
    not the whole film. Also today to many tight shots some directors have eight actors in the scene and all i see is what one of them is doing i am nosy
    like watching the one in the back maybe scratching his nose or whatever he might want to scratch to make the scene real. But that music and the popcorn
    made me know where I was. Thanks

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