This blog has been silent for the last two and half weeks in tribute to my parents Frank and Dorothy, who died within a few months of each other--she in November of 2015, he in March of this year. Previously I'd been posting my fathers work--docs, trailers of films etc.--and in the near future I'll put up more stuff as it comes in. You see, he had a closet full of 16mm (and 8mm) film and I'm gradually watching it all (on his perfectly functional 1973 projector, with the image being thrown onto a white bedsheet draped over a big screen TV), preparing to transfer the material to other formats, all of which are probably less reliable than good old 16mm. All of this material will eventually find its way onto Youtube, the world-wide bin of all things ever recorded, and I'll steer this blogs modest but attentive audience to the stuff as I post it. Meanwhile, I've posted a clip from 'A Day At the Races', a film that my parents and I loved and watched religiously every time it aired on local LA TV, in the pre-historic pre-VCR era.

Speaking of this blog: it was with a bit of a shock that I just noticed that the first post went up in June 2007. Thus we are on the verge of the ninth birthday of this exercise in web-based ephemera. It had originally been my intention to write about the making of movies but thankfully Youtube intervened--I hadn't yet been made aware of the depth of the material being posted and soon realized that any clip of any movie or performance was now available for the cherry-picking. So it morphed into a kind of visually aided look into the contours of my mind and interests. A year or so later my movie 'City Island' got off the ground and I assumed I would abandon the blog to get some real work done. But then it occurred to me to blog the making of the movie and we did--posting clips of the on-set work along with stills, interviews etc. We actually got a real audience for this (which largely disappeared once the shooting was done and we were in post) and I repeated the experience on my movie 'Rob The Mob' as well as with my doc 'Bookers Place'. ('Madoff' was not blogged due to very strict orders from the ABC/DISNEY legal team--not a lot of on-line quirkiness in their hearts).

And now, with the deaths of my parents, the blog has proved to be a vigil of sorts, a place to celebrate and remember the most important people (along with my son) of my life. Thus it has become a sort of partner to me, a public place in which to share whatever the hell seems to be happening in my life and whatever my current obsessions are as aided by the invaluable clips of film. Is it merely a large ego-trip to believe that ones life and interests need be shared in public? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. But if you remember that behind every large ego is a tiny, quivering one you might be able to forgive my vanity.

By the way, the first post that went up in the year of our lord 2007 was a commentary on the last episode of 'The Sopranos' which had aired the previous evening. Who the hell would have thought that 'The Sopranos' ended almost a decade ago?

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