Above is the original theatrical trailer for 'The Entity', the 1982 film starring Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver based on my father Frank De Felitta's book. The basic story--a woman is terrorized by a ghost that rapes and beats her--was based on a true case. A woman named Doris Bither who lived in Culver City, California was severely injured, molested and terrorized by an unseen force. A good number of years before my father wrote his novel (which was published in 1978) he got involved in following and documenting her story. There was much controversy attached to the whole thing as several parapsychologists supported her claims and many in the psychiatric community scoffed at them. My father believed her and witnessed several terribly strange things in her house where she would occasionally allow groups of visitors (all involved in the paranormal) to come over and see for themselves what was happening.

My father's career divided into three sections. His initial entry into the business was as a half-hour/one-hour dramatist for radio and TV (1947-1954).  Part two was his long involvement in documentary and educational television (1954-68). His big commercial period came with movies and novels (1968-1990). The supernatural became his fiction/narrative forte and seems slightly out of keeping with his documentary period. Yet the supernatural was something he investigated as if it were a documentary only he'd made the much wiser financial choice of fictionalizing the stories and turning them into bestselling books rather than 52 minute one-off docs for network TV. I recall The Entity' being written in 1977 when I was 12/13 years old and was quite fascinated by my father's work habits. When writing his books he was in his office, smoking cigars and typing, from 6AM to 5PM. Then came the Martini's and pasta...

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