Above is the original CBS promo for my father Frank De Felitta's 1981 MOW 'The Dark Night Of the Scarecrow'. The film starred the late, great Charles Durning and featured Jocelyn (Marlon's sister) Brando and our longtime family friend, Robert F. Lyons. Though made for television, the film has achieved quite a cult status over the years, so much so that once, when I was at a film festival in Poland, two young Polish guys came up to me to compliment my work and told me how much they liked 'my' film. Shamefully I didn't explain that I was fifteen years old when it was made and that it was actually my dad's movie. Oh well. Yesterday I spoke with the writer of the screenplay, J.D. Feigelson. We were reminiscing about my dad and he said that he'd recently been interviewed about the movie by a horror-movie magazine. They'd told him that they believed it was the first to feature a scarecrow as the central horror figure--hard to believe given the abundance of dopey scarecrow figures in subsequent horror flicks. (I guess that's some claim to fame.) The little girl is played by Tonya Crowe who was later a regular on the great stupid 80s soap 'Knots Landing'. Like many hard-working child actors, she seems to have vanished from the business. Everyone was very taken with her extreme professionalism at age ten, especially my father. I wonder what ever happened to her...

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