Here are two invaluable views of Sidney Lumet in process. The first, posted above, is documentary footage of one of Lumet's famous 'table read-throughs' of the script, in this case "Q&A". Lumet spent two weeks before shooting his films reading the script with actors and blocking out scenes on the sets so that, come shooting time, everything was incredibly well figured out. It happens to be the complete opposite of how I work, but everyone directs in their own way and I've long admired Lumet's determination to "pre-rig" his movies.

The second doc (you have to click the previous link as the poster annoying disabled embedding) is a terrific look at the location shooting of "Dog Day Afternoon", fifteen years earlier than the Q&A read through. Here we see Lumet in action and Jesus is he in action. He runs, jumps, shouts into a bullhorn, gets angry with the extras, hugs Al Pacino etc. I don't know for what purpose either of these docs were made but there terrific finds and have, thus far, attracted a paltry amount of views on Youtube. Enjoy.

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