Nothing pleased my late mother Dorothy more than an Astaire-Rogers movie. Everything about the 30s RKO musicals in which the duo starred seemed to add up to the ultimate in comfort food for my mom. She had a depression-era baby's enchantment with the wealthy and stylish world portrayed in the films--why was it that the poor were so OK with watching the so-called rich and carefree on the screen? She also had a real dislike of anything in movies that reeked of 'important' subject matter that traded in tragedy--no movies about sick children or Jews in the Ghetto allowed! Once, when she was  a child, her parents took her to the Yiddish theater on the Lower East Side to see a play which she remembered being titled "The Black Hole". The way she recounted it, it was the most tragic, dark, hopeless, depressing and overwhelmingly negative drama ever created. For years, when I'd suggest we watch a movie and she'd respond eagerly, I'd suggest we watch "The Black Hole", which I assured had been turned into a rarely seen English-language film that I'd recently acquired a valuble copy of. After an exaggerated moan of Yiddish pain, we'd watch "Top Hat" instead.

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