Above is a full episode of a syndicated show that aired in 1965-1966 called "Hollywood-A-Go-Go", featuring some amazing acts and a girl Go-Go line called 'the Gazzari Dancers' (named after the actor Ben Gazzara bus misspelled?). The Gazzari's still have a hold on their fans and you can find more info on a fansite that is devoted to their collective memory. As far as Go-Go girls go, their moves are a lot hipper than most and they rock with the different music styles pretty efficiently. I dig them.

The show was also a lot hipper than most of its ilk, featuring an eclectic mix of hot young acts ranging from James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Simon and Garfunkel, and most memorably The Rolling Stones, who appeared on a 1965 segment. The Wikipedia entry for the show claims 52 episodes aired before the show went in the dumpster, but this episode is labeled 58 so somebody's lying.

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  1. Now they are all living in leisure village saying "Yes thats true I use to be able to
    shake like that, Help me up will you"