The Go-Go is apparently named from the phrase "go-go-go" for a 'high energy person', according to the ridiculous Wikipedia entry I found on the topic. It was influenced by the French expression a gogo meaning "in abundance, galore" which is in turn derived from the ancient French word la gouge for "joy, happiness."

And that's what you'll witness in the above youtube video mash-up, set to 'Green Onions' and featuring some of the most fab 60s actresses throwing down hard-core as they channel the era's 'abundance'. Chief among them are, of course, Marilyn Monroe from 'The Misfits' (with Thelma Ritter chiming in!) and Anita Ekberg. The Natalie Wood stuff from 'Gypsy' should have been eliminated. But at 1:18 get an eyeful of Ann-Margaret putting the rest of the room of line dancers to shame.

This is only the beginning. The Go-Go-Girlathon will consume much of the next week or two. If you don't like it, go watch a George Cukor movie.

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