MADOFF IN AMERICA - an Original Rap-Disco Drama

Guest bloggers Sam & Kristina here!

We are Raymond's assistants on MADOFF, an ABC miniseries about the rise & fall of Bernard L. Madoff. Research on this kind of project is a major undertaking. There is always more to know about the Madoff fraud, always another story. The victims of this enormous Ponzi Scheme are an incredibly varied group, from famous actors like Kevin Bacon and John Malkovich, to nurses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each story is as unique as it is heartbreaking. We'll share their stories and other findings from our research in the coming days. For now we'll with start on a relatively light note with... MADOFF IN AMERICA: AN ORIGINAL RAP-DISCO DRAMA

Ellen Bernfeld's family was invested with Madoff. We first encountered Ellen through reading her eloquent essay about the failures of the SEC and SIPC in THE CLUB NO ONE WANTED TO JOIN: MADOFF VICTIMS IN THEIR OWN WORDS. Ellen is also a Singer/Songwriter/Performer, creating original music under the name Norma Human

MADOFF IN AMERICA is one of her creations, a "Rap-Disco Drama... Reporting on the recession and the Bernie Madoff scandal."