Here's a curious little three minute doc on Sidney Lumet that apparently was commissioned by Paramount Pictures as some sort of accompaniment piece to "Night Falls On Manhattan" but was then abandoned and rediscovered in the Pacific Film valuts. It's only a fragment of something larger and I wish the something larger could be found as its quite interesting. David Mamet tells a great little tale of his discovery that Lumet was a child star in the Yiddish theater (with accompanying photo!) and there's a nice moment on the set of NFOM of Lumet addressing Richard Dreyfuss, who listens carefully and then disagrees with Lumet's direction. More on why this is interesting to me over the next days...weeks...months...

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  1. Very talented man. He would shoot a scene so
    so fast .But sometime that is not a good thing
    Sometimes we do need more than one take.
    But a real talented fellow know muss know fuss.
    Can make a film for me anytime.