Here's another mystery reel of random shots of urban life from the past. Today we're looking at the Sunset Strip in the 1940s, shot for no apparent reason by nobody we know anything about. The interesting thing about these views of old LA in color is how very similar the vibe of the place was to the way it is now (you dig my use of vibe, Jack?). I mean the odd combo of chic, kitsch, suburban, semi-urban, mountains, bleary sun, nice cars, sub-tropical climate etc. John Houseman in his memoir writes about seeing LA from the plane descending into the airport and the feelings it provoked in him; despite having lived there on and off for half his life and quite liking many things about it, the predominant sensation was one of sadness and nausea. I get what he means. And it's not just airsickness. Despite my rather enjoying life in LA and views of old LA like this one, it also makes me want to puke and cry.

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