Today's view of a Los Angeles that only partially still exists takes us on a smooth ride down Hollywood Blvd., starting in the domestic flats just east of Laurel Canyon (and hence directly below Marlon Brando's house which I've featured over the previous two posts--scroll down, honey, scroll down) and continuing all the way to Highland Avenue. A few things to note. 1) The domestic area looks pretty much the same today as it did when this was shot. 2) At around forty seconds, our driver blows a red light. 3) At a minute and twenty-some seconds, a dishy blonde dame crosses the street wearing tight pants and early F-Me Pumps. 4) Streetcar tracks still existed on Hollywood Blvd. and are visible once the car crosses La Brea and enters the business district. 5) Grauman's Chinese Theater is clearly visible on the left. 6) More dangerous driving is displayed as our camera-car almost collides head-on with another car just east of La Brea.

At Highland, they make a left and proceed north. The church on the corner of Franklin is unchanged. On the hill just above it is the apartment house--barely visible but definitely tucked in there--that I lived in from 1992 to 1994. And then the world we're watching goes dark...

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