Portrait of Ann Miller Premium Poster

No, Marlon and Ann never hooked up--at least as far as I know--but they did share a house. At different times each of them lived in 8142 Laurel View Drive, in the hills over Sunset Blvd and Laurel Canyon.

Located directly above the Chateau Marmont, the house--an eccentrically Moorish four story villa--is now for sale for somewhere in the low three-millions. Click here to view 15 photos of the joint. I doubt it will fetch that. It's a wonderful place but requires an exceptionally peculiar buyer. The house is laid out on at least seven levels--the main entry floor contains a circular foyer, a raised dining room, a sunken living room, stairs to the second floor bedrooms, further stairs to a third floor tower room and somewhere, somehow, passage to a wine room that seems to be below the living room. Brando lived there in the mid-fifties but I don't know when Ann did. I'm seriously tempted to call the realtor and waste a little of their time checking it out, as I did with Billy Wilder's apartment.
Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004)

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