The above clip, from the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards (say what?) begins with Karen Black (remember her?) introducing Bernie Taupin (Elton John's lyricist--and must he ever get tired of having that appended to his name) who talks briefly about 'Rocket Man' before introducing William Shatner, who sings the song. Or doesn't really sing it--recites it is probably the best description. Of course this wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Unlike other posts from the past few weeks, we aren't watching somebody trying to do something seriously (singing) and lousing it up (Jerry, Jack, et al). Instead, here we're watching Shatner trying to do something ridiculous and lousing it up. It takes four long boring minutes for him to get through the song, with interminable pauses and cigarette suckings using up half the time. No one in the audience laughs--was it an empty house? Or were they truly perplexed at the not-funny, not-good, not-even-very-interesting performance? Shatner redefines the term Renaissance man--he's remarkable for doing so many different things so poorly. The acting, it turns out, is the least of it...

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  1. I love this Godawful piece for reasons I couldn't possibly explain. But it was recreated, nearly note for note, so to speak, for an episode of Family Guy -- with babie Stewie Griffin as Shatner.