It's no fun beating up on Jack Lemmon, don't you agree? He gave us so many wonderful performances and he was truly such a good guy (at least there hasn't been evidence to the contrary) that it seems churlish to chide him for his one serious lapse of artistic judgement. I refer of course to our topic of the week, the immortally bad "A Twist Of Lemmon" (see previous two posts).

So if that's how I feel, why am I posting Lemmon's ridiculous rendition of Gershwin's "Bidin' My Time"? Is it because the space-age pop arrangement by Marion Evans truly deserves a closer listen? Is it because of Jack's occasional absurd forays into Dino-like accented phrasing? Is it because the whole stupid song belongs to the second or third ranks of Gershwin and the thought of bothering to do it when there are so many other great Gershwin songs to explore is just plain idiotic? No. The reason I posted the above is because it has thus far received EXACTLY ONE VIEWING ON YOUTUBE. That's right. One. I've never been the second viewing and it makes me absurdly happy to have gotten in on the action so early. So do the person who posted the very nicely remastered full album of "A Twist Of Lemmon" a solid and, when you click on the above video, go to the bottom right corner and hit "watch on Youtube". You'll be supporting the arts in a small but perhaps significant way. Which is more than the company that released "A Twist Of Lemmon" could say.

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