Continuing our theme of the week--which turns out to be documentary views of New York City in the 1940s--above I've posted two minutes of color footage of midtown shot in 1945 by one Edward Theiss. Mr. Theiss gave the footage to his family. It was his grandson who very nicely and considerately posted it on YouTube. Thank you, Mr. Theisss Jr.

You'll see dizzying shots from the top of the RCA building, nice big views of Times Square in daylight and dark, and a sign on a theater advertising The Andrew Sisters and Ed Gardner's "Duffy's Tavern". Unless I'm mistaken, this must be a theater that's hosting live radio shows, as "Duffy's Tavern" was just that. (I'm not sure I ever thought about where those shows were done--I assumed they were all broadcast from studios in the building of whichever network did the show--but it makes sense that it might be in a legit theater. What the hell. Let's say it is.) I find it quite thrilling to see New York of the period in color as it's so easy to only think of it in black and white given that's how it's most often represented. But there it is, a real place, in a real time...with a helluva lot more street parking.

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