2014 is over, a year of dopiness capped by a near cyber-war caused by a dumbshit comedy. It really was the ultimate manifestation of the 'Jackass' culture and, if you ask me, it ain't over yet. So what better way to get 2015 underway then with a listen to the wildly offensive, incredibly stupid 'Derek And Clive' routines recorded in the mid-70s by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Yes, yes, I know; all things British, a recent sub-theme of this blog, has taken a steep dive since my Anthony Burgess postings. But I think you'll find the ramblings of these supposed mens-room attendants poetically rich, awash as they are in meaningless obscenity and incoherent stories.

The Derek and Clive performances were strictly bootleg stuff, circulated by those in the serious comedy know, and considered far too crude for mainstream audiences. They were captured in New York, while Cook and Moore were appearing in their two-man show "Good Evening", which I saw as a kid at the Music Center in LA and absolutely loved. What I didn't know at the time of course was that Cook and Moore were breaking up. Moore's screen career was starting to take off and Cook's alcoholism was taking him down. The Derek and Clive bits were Cook's idea, a way to get back to basics and have some pressure-free fun creating comedy the old-fashioned way--by drinking a lot and improvising. Moore apparently enjoyed doing the routines but didn't want them circulated for fear of alienating his new, mainstream audience. However once the bootlegs caught on he relented and let them be released on albums. Derek and Clive (Live), Derek and Clive Come Again and Derek and Clive Ad Nauseam were followed by a filmed documentary, Derek and Clive Get The Horn.

Enjoy and don't blame me (or sue me) for the offensive language. Blame Seth Rogen (and Sony) for inspiring me to post these things.

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